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Medical certificate when on sick leave

A medical certificate must be submitted to the employer if the employee is judged to be ill for more than a week.

When does the employee need to submit a medical certificate to the employer?

When an employee becomes ill or injured, this must be reported to the employer on the same day. The employer must then assess whether the employee's ability to work is impaired due to illness and the employee's right to sick pay.

If the employee deems that illness or injury will continue, the employee must, on his own initiative, submit a medical certificate to the employer no later than day 8 of the illness period. The employee must go to a doctor to get a medical certificate. The employer can demand that the employee submit a medical certificate from day 8. If there are special reasons, the employer can also demand that a medical certificate be submitted already during the first sick day.

Sick pay

During the time the employee is ill, the employer must normally pay sick pay to the employee from day 2 and at most until day 14. If the employee is ill for a total of more than 14 days, he or she can apply for sickness benefit from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency from day 15. After day 14 the employee needs to submit a new medical certificate to be sent to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. If there is a collective agreement at work, the employee may in certain cases also receive sick pay from the employer who supplements the sickness benefit.

If the employee is unemployed

If the employee is not employed, illness or injury can be reported to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency from the first day of illness.


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