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Work environment

A good work environment promotes business development and extends to include all individuals and groups in a workplace.

Work Environment Act

The purpose of the Work Environment Act is to prevent ill health and accidents at work and create a good work environment. The work environment not only means that the employee must feel safe and secure in the workplace but also stays in an environment that means well-being and positivity for individuals. All work at the employer is covered by the Work Environment Act, regardless of whether the workplace is a premises, factory, healthcare, road workers and the like.

The employer's responsibility

It is the employer who is responsible for the work environment and systematically works towards a better and safer work environment for their employees. It is the employer's duty to take all measures to prevent the employee from being exposed to accidents and ill health. The employer must also take measures to eliminate any risks of ill health and accidents. In order to meet the requirements for a good working environment, the employer must systematically plan, lead and control the business. The employer and the employee must work together to achieve a good working environment.

The role and function of the safety representative

Chapter 6 Section 2 of the Work Environment Act stipulates that a workplace where at least five employees are regularly employed, at least one safety representative shall be appointed from among the employees. In some cases, safety representatives can also be appointed at another workplace if the working conditions so require. It is the local workers' organization that is appointed safety representative. If there is no organization, the employee can appoint a safety representative himself.

The safety representative acts as the employee's representative in work environment issues against the employer and must work to satisfy a good work environment at work. The representative must also monitor the protection against accidents and ill health and ensure that the employer meets the work environment requirements. In cases where the employer does not follow the work environment rules, the safety representative can turn to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, which takes more comprehensive measures against the employer.

The work of the Swedish Work Environment Authority

The Swedish Work Environment Authority is a state authority that regulates in detail what applies to the Work Environment Act and ensures that laws on the work environment are complied with by companies and organizations. The Swedish Work Environment Authority also draws up regulations that specify what applies to the work environment.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority can carry out an inspection of a workplace. During the inspection, it is checked that the employer complies with the work environment rules. In cases where the authority finds deficiencies, the employer is given an opportunity to correct the work environment deficiencies. If the employer does not correct himself, the Swedish Work Environment Authority can order the employer to pay penalty fees or issue a ban.


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