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Violation of work environment

The Swedish Work Environment Act (1977: 1160) sets high demands on an employer to prevent accidents and illness at work.

Penalties for work environment offenses

Work environment crimes are regulated in Chapter 3. Section 10 of the Swedish Penal Code. In the event of a breach of the employer's obligations that lead to bodily injury, illness, danger to life in accordance with the Work Environment Act, a person is convicted of a work environment offense. It is required that the employer has intentionally or through negligence violated the provisions of the Work Environment Act. The penalties for work environment offenses include fines. Company fines amount to between 5,000 to 10 million SEK. The public prosecutor's office can also issue a penalty order of up to 3 million SEK.


It is usually the CEO who is responsible for the work environment in a company. There may also be another person responsible, after delegation, for the work environment protection.


An employer is obliged to report injuries to the Swedish Work Environment Authority if there has been a serious injury or death at the workplace. The Swedish Work Environment Authority initiates an investigation within the framework of its supervisory responsibility, but in more serious cases, the public prosecutor and police authority can intervene and investigate work environment crimes.

Help with deficiencies in the work environment

If there are deficiencies in your work environment or if you discover risks, you are welcome to contact us for help. Our lawyers possess competence in work environment issues and ensure that you can exercise you rights . We make sure to investigate the incident and the legal situation and take the necessary measures to help you!


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